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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

The Expanded SHIELD: We have only seen a small portion of SHIELD in the MCU so far, and there are many other agents that could still show up in the MCU.

Sharon Carter (Codename: AGENT 13): Presumably the Amanda Righetti agent from CA:TFA, Carter is the Grandniece of Peggy Carter, to whom she has a passing resemblance. When Fury notices that Captain Rogers is continuing to have some difficulty adjusting to the modern world, he assigns Agent 13 to work with him on a case about the possible re-emergence of HYDRA.

Jimmy Woo: Part of SHIELD's division dealing with possible threats emerging from Asia, Woo would be a good fit in the Iron Man 3, since it'll apparently take place partially in China.

Clay Quartermain: When it appears that Banner has lost control of the Hulk, Quartermain is dispatched to lead SHIELD's new "Hulkbuster" unit.

Barbara Morse (Codename: MOCKINGBIRD): Skilled with battlestaves and martial arts, Morse, like Romanov, is often partnered with agent Barton on missions for SHIELD. However, her relationship with Barton is usually far less platonic than the Black Widow's...

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