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Default Re: Finally a Hulk Franchise?

Originally Posted by AvengeME View Post
Hemsworth and Evans are going to command huge money. Ruffalo as well, but I wouldn't use Hulk. At least not three times.

SJ will demand big bucks as well. Renner will be out if he wants a raise. He has another franchise so I'm going to say he doesn't demand crazy cash.

RDJ will probably make 100 million plus if he signs for two more Avenger movies. His favorite charity can go bonkers if and when that becomes a done deal.

SLJ will also demand some big money. His is becoming the Xavier to a lesser degree. Bringing in Denzel would probably be cheaper at this point.

I still think the film can be done under 300 million.

Ah.............this is why Marvel signed everyone to 6 picture deals's taken care of

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