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Default Re: Finally a Hulk Franchise?

I think MCU: Phase II is pretty set. Three more movies and probably a smaller scaled project in 2014 will all be good appetizers.

What about Phase III? Iron Man will be done. Can't see RDJ doing more solo films. Thor 3 and Cap 3 are likely but only if the sequels are good. Still room for another Hulk movie me thinks.

Originally Posted by L0ngsh0t View Post
Ah.............this is why Marvel signed everyone to 6 picture deals's taken care of
Yeah but they have to re-negotiate within reason. See Iron Man 2. RDJ got a HUGE raise. And he is unsigned beyond IM3 so I wouldn't even walk into Feige's office unless I got 5 million up front just to hear what the plan of action is for the character. Another 5 million to read a script. And another 5 million to think about it.

In all seriousness, RDJ should sign the richest movie deal Hollywood has ever seen. Anything less is a failure on his representation.

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