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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by parkerpete View Post

You, sir, deserve a Snickers.

Yeah, maybe it's funny because I'm a godless lefty, but I love Cap. He's really refreshing because he's an aspirational hero in an age of disillusionment. I'm really happy (and more than a little surprised)that Marvel, Evans, and Whedon have managed to make him relatable and likable without messing him up by trying to contemporize him or darken him.
The public's perception of Cap is generally really bad, but this movie's done a lot to steer them in the right direction. They see the name and costume and are immediately turned off. Marvel Studios deserves some serious credit, if it were any other studio they would have butchered the character to make him more accessible instead of just educating audiences to see the awesomeness that is Mr. Rogers.

It's unfortunate though, because I still see a lot of people not taking a liking to him. I don't know if more man out of time or action sequences with him could have helped.

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