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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
I don't know...

IM put up quite a fight although it's obvious that Thor was more "annoyed" than anything.
Idk. Ironman put up a fight. But it was clear Thor was holding back, and there were 2 parts of it that showed he was in control, maybe 3. His punch towards ironman made Ironman's head turn. Thats it. His punch at Hulk made Hulk stagger. Ironman is not even nearly as close to being as durable as Hulk, which could be lead to assume that Thor was clearly holding back when fighting Ironman. Though the two moments than kind of let Tony know Thor was in control was the headbutt, and when he body slammed him

To me, the fight was more of like, when your little brother throws a tantrum at you and tries to beat you up, you don't want to hurt him in retaliation, but you wanna get him to understand that you are in control, and he needs to stop.

"idk as in I am agreeing with you

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