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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Originally Posted by fangz View Post
right on! this is perfect. i have a feeling Marvel has been really close to working out a deal with Fox for a while now. hopefully the Avengers success will push Disney into making it happen.
and if they do, i hope they go exactly like this.
Thanks! To further explore it I would probably limit the FF's interactions with the greater universe until a sequel where the threat of Annihilus looms after Reed's breach of the Negative Zone and attracts the attention of SHIELD. The first film would of course introduce Victor Von Doom as the villain (complete with the sorcery angle with tie-ins to Doctor Strange.) For the third film my tendency would be to go full Galactus, introducing The Silver Surfer, and maybe even featuring some cool cameos as great minds like Banner, Pym, Stark, and yes, Von Doom join Reed Richards in trying to solve the problem and other Avengers characters join the fight.

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