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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Goku Goes Crazy View Post
About his TFA costume vs his TA costume, I perfer TFA. I liked the darker colors and the two straps he had really made the costume look good. The new costume looks a little too bright, almost cheap. Well, not cheap, it's just hard to describe. His TFA costume just seemed more edgy and cool, though I can see how it might not look good in a modern setting. And I guess it was a little too bulky. It probably worked best for the time period the movie was set in. I hope his next costume(because I'm sure they'll give him a new one) is a happy medium between his TFA and TA costumes.

Just look how cool he looks:
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I enjoyed TFA costume but I think they needed the TA costume. I have problems with the TA costume though. I can't stand the Helmet/Cowl. I hope in Cap2 they gave him scaled armor and a normal cowl.

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