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Default Re: Cast the Marvel Universe - Part 2

Is anybody watching Revenge? The actor who plays Jack (Nick Wechsler) would be a great younger Logan/ Wolverine.
In an x-men reboot I would want:

Jean Grey- Jessica Chestain
Storm: YaYa DaCosta
Cyclops: Jared Padalecki
Angel: Travis Van Winkle
Rogue: Amber Heard
Iceman: Dave Franco
Nightcrawler: Anton Yelchin
Wolverine: Nick Wechsler
Emma Frost: Alice Eve

Some predictable choices but I think this would be a great cast I only wish I knew who I would cast as Hank/ Beast there's not many young actors that fit the buff/charismatic jock yet brilliant scientist look.

Edit: Beast: Dustin Clare

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