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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
Okay, okay, let's not get too nitpicky...

But honestly, while I don't think that Hulk vs. Loki was the best "fight" (I voted for Hulk vs. Thor), I'd still have included it in the poll. If someone wants to vote for it, let them. I understand your reasons why you didn't include it, but nevertheless it's a little bit subjective and I also understand the people who want to have it in the poll.

But then again, it isn't that much important. At least, not for me.
Exactly. I wasn't particularly bothered or passionate on the subject (I'd say BigThor's snarky attitude about it are what prompted my more detailed replies rather than any inherent outrage at the exclusion itself), but whether or not it's a long fight or an even fight or a proper fight, or whether you think it technically fits the dictionary definition of "assault" or "attack" rather than "fight", if you're making a poll you should at least make voting for it an option rather than imposing your personal stance on everyone else.

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