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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
They were also shooting Loki multiple times, as a matter of fact they pulled out their guns on him before he even attacked.

So that was definately more of a fight than assault, Loki also did not intend to throw a punch at the Hulk as evidence by his whimper.


I posted facts as in actual definitions NOT personal opinions or what I "think", if anyone is imposing a personal stance it's you.

As far the "snarky" comment, you can't be serious...
Well, actually, you posted dictionary definitions as facts, and when I demonstrated how Hulk/Loki could be defined as a fight based on the very dictionary definitions you posted, you were all like, "Umm..., you see, the part of the definition that's important is the "physical combat" part, so if that's not there, it doesn't count...."

(Hmmm.... if the "physical combat" part is essential, I guess we can disqualify the gunplay in Loki VS SHIELD....)

You say you're dealing only with facts, but then you cherrypick what aspects of those facts are most important, therefore imposing your opinions on them.

I'm fully aware this is a ridiculous argument we're having, by the way. Not quite on the level of the "Did The Joker say six or ten?" debates of 2008, but up there...

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