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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
Well, actually, you posted dictionary definitions as facts, and when I demonstrated how Hulk/Loki could be defined as a fight based on the very dictionary definitions you posted, you were all like, "Umm..., you see, the part of the definition that's important is the "physical combat" part, so if that's not there, it doesn't count...."

(Hmmm.... if the "physical combat" part is essential, I guess we can disqualify the gunplay in Loki VS SHIELD....)

You say you're dealing only with facts, but then you cherrypick what aspects of those facts are most important, therefore imposing your opinions on them.

I'm fully aware this is a ridiculous argument we're having, by the way. Not quite on the level of the "Did The Joker say six or ten?" debates of 2008, but up there...
I didn't cherry pick anything, those agents also physically attacked Loki when he engaged them in close combat. Definitions are facts my friend and nothing else, want me to post the definition for physicall combat?

Combat - A purposeful violent conflict meant to establish dominance over the opposition, or to kill the opposition, or drive the opposition away from a location where it is not wanted or needed.
The term combat (French for fight) typically refers to armed conflict between military forces in warfare, whereas the more general term "fighting" can refer to any violent conflict between individuals or nations. Combat violence can be unilateral, whereas fighting implies at least a defensive reaction
. <--- Point proven

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