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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Originally Posted by Fifthchild View Post

Hulk vs Thor had to be the highlight for me in terms of fights. This is the stuff of fanboy legends. I must have participated in a million arguments about it and have probably wasted a three or four of weeks of my life that could have been spent...doing anything else really, fighting with people online over how it would go down. I still cant quite believe I saw it on the bigscreen. And as brief as it was it was done very, very well. I cant really fault it at all. Will get many rewatches from me in the future.

That said, for pure fun, in some ways I prefer the Thor vs Iron Man fight. maybe because I'm a little less invested in the outcome and because I was surprised it was such a dust-up. Thor coming back angrier and angrier, armour buckling etc. Kinda feel like it was lacking a one-liner in the end after they are all knocked down by Thors blow (hilarious reading how some effects guy suggested to Whedon that at this point Iron Man should say "I'm too old for this ****" and Joss brutally shot him down) but still...

Hulk vs Loki - fight or not, my favourite scene in the whole film. Life-changing
I loved Hulk VS Thor too. In particular, that crushing hammer uppercut Thor throws at Hulk. Made me wince both times I saw the film.

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