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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Thor vs Hulk was good but hampered by taking place on the helicarrier(not much room to move and such) so I'd have to say the Thor/Iron Man fight was probably my favorite. It had a bigger scale, what with being out-doors and all and ranged for miles. Plus with the Thor vs Hulk fight I was hoping for something like in Ultimates where Thor shows up to battle Hulk in NYC after Hulk has just kicked the crap out the rest of the team and Thor just wales on him with his hammer so hard that he causes a minor seismic event and embeds Hulk several feet into the pavement....and then Hulk calls him a hippy and slugs him across town.

It's all about scale. The IM/Thor fight was of the appropriate scale given how powerful they are(obviously Thor's more powerful but he really wasn't doing anything more than getting annoyed by Iron man). But a Hulk/Thor fight should be of a much larger scale.

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