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Default Re: What is your favorite fight in the film?

Originally Posted by Oruku Saki View Post
It's painfully obvious the Thor/Hulk fight was MASSIVELY restrained from both parties...I think the budget was the main concern there. Maybe they will trade blows in Avengers 2 on a larger scale (just for kicks/fighting siblings etc). We all know after Avengers there's gotta be some payback from Thor to Hulk for that cheap shot.
I didn't think Hulk was restrained though, he almost killed Black Widow before Thor intervened.

Yeah I definately want to see Thor/Hulk's rivalry expanded upon in Avengers 2 even if it's not a full blown fight.

Originally Posted by Drummerdude7 View Post
Thor definitely had a look on his face saying "F**k...what am I going to do?"

It's too bad their fight didn't carry on to that cornfield =(
I noticed that too, it was like "Woah, I've got a fight on my hands with this one".

Don't forget to vote for the ABOMINATION Vs SCARLET WITCH fight

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