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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Daybreak_st View Post
Single biggest problem with the show its artificial retardation of Clark Kent. He had natural progression in the beginning, with his powers growing, gaining a new one each season, getting more powerful etc. But around season 5 all that comes to a stop and his character lacks any real development and growth (other than the death of his father), he becomes stagnant.

The whole rule of no flights and no tights makes sense only if it's applied across the board to all the characters. It became increasingly transparent and contrived as we saw characters in full costume and flying, with clark aware that he has the power to fly but for some silly reason he can't. We have multiple episode in which he "kind of flies" but can't. How much more artificial can you get. If you didn't want him to fly fine, but don't make everyone fly around him.

You don't ever want to show him in full costume even in the finale, fine, but then I sure as heck didn't need to see Green arrow for 4 seasons, or Booster Gold or the Justice Society. Why have a rule that only serves to hold back your main character but doesn't apply to anyone else. It was arbitrary rules like this and their application that ruined much of the show for me.

It felt like if you removed all the filler episodes and focused in on essential plots you could probably reduce smallville from 10 seasons to like 6 and have a much tighter/cohesive series. What was the point of dragging it on with virtually no growth for clark. Seasons 5-7 particularly. It was hard to stomach. Season 9 was good in my opinion but season 10 while it had great character stuff with Lois and Clark, the whole Darkseid plot was one of the worse offenders of "build up all season with little to no pay off at the end". And pretty the key to beating pure evil was to fly thru it?!! Couldn't Kara have done that sooner and saved us a whole lot of melodrama?
I gotta agree with you here.

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