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Default Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
I agree, I definately want to see Thor flying through the air with as much maneuverability as Iron Man.

I certainly would like to see more energy manipulation as well, which means tons of lighting attacks, energy absortion with Moljnir and maybe a God Blast like you said. If the God Blast doesn't make it into this film Thor should most definately use it during the final battle of THOR II.
Yes. Maybe have Surtur kill Odin in a battle with him and Thor. And not like you said in the other thread, actually have just Odin die. Surtur leaves.

So with Odin dead, Thor inherits the Odinforce, takes on Surtur with help from Loki who has a chance at redemption, and Thor takes him out with a godblast.

Then for Thor 3, he masters the power of the runs and basically just goes BAMF on all the 9 realms :P.

seriously though I actually would like seeing Rune King Thor worked into it somehow for the third movie.

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