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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by zentype View Post
That looks good for a few reasons (the ears don't matter so much)

-The 'A'. Look at the A for most versions of the costume pictured (even the 'supposed' avengers movie version on the left) It is noticeably wider set then the actual movie 'A'. The top is flat, not a point like the font they went with. The entire A is much thicker in these shots --just like in the comic book. Instead they went with a generic type font 'A' The effect isn't as impressive and looks anemic compared to the bold wide 'A'.

Again the A in the left movie costume photo isn't the A they actually used in the movie.

2. The 'jagged' lower cowl line over the mouth area. Why didn't they do this, I don't know. Looks great.

3. The noticeable sectioning of the cowl into three parts: top and two sides, to make it more square and not round/oval (like the movie version looked)

4. The more streamlined wings instead of a vertical spread-winged design like in the movie. (which didn't work as well)

The ears aren't as important as the other elements. If they exposed the ears with the current round helmet, skinny A version it would have looked bad.

If they would have had some attention to detail, the helmet and entire costume would have looked *much* better.

As it is, it's just OK but it could definitely be improved per the above.

See below for what I'm referring to:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

All these changes I agree with, plus add a star at the back, complete the red/white stripes all around and I think it would look perfect.

Either that, or completely start over and go for the scalemail top and full white sleeves. I think this could also look great.

In that (excellent) art, the far most left, the bottom two, and the far most right all look great. If they could actually pull it off in real, it would be perhaps the best comic book costume come to screen (besides Raimi Spiderman). I think I like the bottom row second to the right the best. Those full white sleeves just look good.

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