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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
That's not entirely true. Vaughn reportedly co-wrote the script (which Deadline doesn't mention), so that means Goldman had in it as well. And even if they didn't write it, Vaughn oversaw the script development.

I'm sure if Vaughn wasn't contracted for the X-Men: First Class sequel already, he'd be directing this.
That gives me slight hope. But Vaughn's eccentric style is really hard to duplicate. He really does know how to thread the needle. This new guy, has not shown that skill. One can still hope.

I actually was sad that they put XFC2 above doing KA2. Fox has Wolverine 2 to fill their X-Men slot in between and I may be one of the few who'd prefer a KA2. We've had five X-Men films with a sixth and seventh promised on the way. Yes, XFC is the best one yet, but KA was a much fresher film to me and had more possibilities.

P.S. For this movie to have any chance of working Moretz needs to come back.

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