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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
At first when I read at deadline there's going to be a Kick-Ass 2, I was like:

Then I read that (not surprisingly) Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman are not coming back and instead they got the writer/director of Cry Wolf (never saw it, but vaguely remember people saying it was terrible) and Never Back Down (a movie so crappy that when I saw it on HBO, I still wanted my money back).

Maybe, this will be the movie that allows that guy to turn his career around, but I honestly believe Vaughn is one of the most entertaining and clever directors working today and is therefore really underrated. Everyone of his flicks are just giddy (Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class).

Also, I worry about getting Moretz back now that she's doing Carrie. And even if they can she'll be 15 or 16 when this goes into production (see how much older she looks in Dark Shadows). I just feel like they waited too long.

All that said, the first movie was one of my favorites of 2010 and has more rewatchability than almost any superhero film ever made. It's one of those classic meta-films like Scream, Shaun of the Dead and Cabin in the Woods. As long as they get Moretz and Johnson back (I'm sure McLovin will not be hard to lure back), I'll see it. But my hopes of a great Kick-Ass sequel are a lot lower than they were two years ago.
Ha, all of this is my sentiments exactly. I LOVED Kick-Ass and was certainly hoping for a sequel after I saw it...but this just doesn't sound encouraging.

For one, it's being financed by a major studio, which means it probably won't be as bold as the first. Second, that writer/director - yikes.

The only reason I'm not completely writing this off is because of the knowledge that Vaughn had a hand in the writing of it. The cast returning is a bonus, sure, but it's a bonus that was pretty much expected if this thing got made at all.


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