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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Daybreak_st View Post
Single biggest problem with the show its artificial retardation of Clark Kent. He had natural progression in the beginning, with his powers growing, gaining a new one each season, getting more powerful etc. But around season 5 all that comes to a stop and his character lacks any real development and growth (other than the death of his father), he becomes stagnant.
In all reality they should just have had all the characters go to(and stay in) College in Season 5, you don't even have to make any plots centered around College(like we hardly got any HS based plots in early seasons). If that was the case at least it would seem like Clark was doing something if we got the odd mention of College every 4-5 episodes. Chloe could have easily did her hacking in a College journalism room instead of placing her at the DP.

I think the problem was the producers didn't think it would last so long so they just felt like College was bothersome and they might as well ignore it completely. By time you get to S6 + 7 Clark doing absolutely nothing with his life really hurt his character(whereas if he mentioned college every 5th episode you can say well at least he is in college)

Another more drastic thing the show should have done was a cast overhaul in S5. I personally would have loved this but I am guessing the producers felt that the show couldn't survive without Lana or Chloe. It would also be a case if you think the show might only last 1-2 seasons more is it really worth it to introduce new characters by the point. All that being said a cast overhaul in S5 would give Clark new people to deal with and freshen up things, which i think would have helped alot when you looking at 4+ more seasons

I think in general the big problem for the show is it never really planned out long term, it just took things season by season, hell sometimes episode by episode, which wasn't a big deal in early seasons but come later seasons it showed that the show had no bigger direction making the character look stagnant

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