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Default Re: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be Hemsworthy, shall possess the power of Tho

Originally Posted by Drummerdude7 View Post
People often confuse immortal with invincible.

Immortal = you live forever, but can be killed.

Invincible = You cannot be killed.

Loki and Thor are both immortal, but not invincible.
Disagree. I strike Immortal as living forever, and can be killed, but also might not be. I feel like there isn't a word for what they are.

Cause to me, Invincible means you can't even be hurt, yet alone killed.

Though they are Immortal, I don't think "invincible" is the proper word as some people are saying so, cause to me, invincible is not just not being able to die, but its also not being able to be hurt.

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