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Default Re: The Avengers casting thread

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
It would be nice to have an actor with a really great voice and delivery.
Keith David(Princess and the Frog, Crash, Mass Effect 3)?

Originally Posted by Gamingboy View Post
Have we considered, given the fact that Ultimate Universe seems to dictate a lot as far as appearance goes, that the Wasp might be Asian? Would give some more diversity to the team...
That could be interesting. Demographically it would be a major hit. Ellen Wong would be an interesting Wasp.

I remember when I was in Japan I only saw two types of adverts for 'Battleship'. The first had one of the only Asian characters in the movie portrayed prominently, even though he was probably only in the movie for a few minutes. The other showed the male protaganist from behind, so you couldn't see his facial features or nationality. I suppose that happens with all movies everywhere. (well, blockbusters at least)

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