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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Classic Nick Fury: The alter-ego/costumed avenger alias of Tommy Lee Jones' Colonel Phillips during WWII. Would explain why he is cut out for project rebirth to create a public-facing costumed avenger with twice his mortal strength. The eye-patch could be part of the costume, inspired by pirate stories and trying to look as intimidating to Nazi forces as possible. After Cap is frozen, he uses the spin-off Infinity Formula to give himself new vitality (not unlike Emil Blonsky -- though it is not the fully-developed super soldier formula that was destroyed). It might look rediculous to have a man of his age running around like Blonsky did, so let's say the formula allowed him to the energy of a man twenty years younger than him; and at least allow him to realistically take the fight to open battlefields, guns blazing!

He also has been questioned about his tolerance for integrating his ranks of Howling Commandoes with minorities ((this aspect goes way back in 616 lore)). It is revealed that he has a secret black lovechild ((borrowing from 616 "Battle Scars" storyline)) named Isiah Bradley ((borrowing from "Red, White, and Black" storyline)) from a romantic encounter with a black French woman while running missions over there. Isiah is reunited with his estranged father while he is running missions for the French Resistance. Colonel Phillips/Nick Fury recruited him for his Howling Commandoes -- and when Project Rebirth is originally pursued, they want to test it on African American soldiers ((borrowing again from "Red, White, and Black" storyline)).

Phillips is horrified when they select the finest black soldier in their ranks to test it on -- his secret son!! They get as far as the Infinity Formula to test on him, with much anxiety as it has killed many black test subjects in its earlier iterations. This could add a really dark "win at any cost" layer to the traditionally squeaky-clean allied forces of Marvel WWII. Bradley performs so well, that they want to test further versions on him to keep the experiment evolving. But Phillips, fearing for his secret son's health, sabotages the program, leaving Bradley a quasi-super-soldier but not much more.

After Cap is frozen and Phillips returns to the Nick Fury role with the Invaders over in Europe; he finds that the Infinity Formula has its limits, and once he realizes that it will eventually fade from him ((borrowing from "Battle Scars")), appoints his son Isiah to be the next Fury.

Bradley takes on his father's avenger name and becomes "James Fury" ((borrowing either from "Ultimate Avengers: The Movie" or "Avengers: EMH cartoon", can't remember where...)).

But eventually, he passes the mantle to his own son, naming him Nick Fury -- but giving him the fake identity of "Marcus Johnson" to protect him from his enemies of the Cold War-era spy game.

James Fury/Isiah Bradley is killed in action; and young Marcus grows up with foster parents, unaware of his father and grandfather's legacies of super-spy world-saving. He fights in Afghanistan and meets his best friend Phillip "Cheese" Coulson ((borrowing again from "Battle Scars")).

After the two of them are captured by nascent supervillains in the modern era, they are rescued by SHIELD and a couple of early "metahumans" that will eventually be betrayed and locked up by SHIELD ((I think SHIELD needs to have that sort of darker government edge that they have in Ultimate Comics; and this is also similar to the Horned Rimmed Glasses man and his relationship with superhero co-workers slash prisoners in the first season of "Heroes")).

Marcus Johnson and Phil Coulson, now members of SHIELD -- rise through the ranks; with Johnson's true identity and family lineage revealed to him. This love for his father and grandfather by top SHIELD brass causes him to rise through the ranks quickly, and his best friend Coulson never questions why Johnson gets to be elevated so quickly -- instead just happy he gets to work with superhumans, and being a loyal company man to the end.

That was quite long and rambling -- but there's still a lot to do to converge Ultimate Nick Fury, Classic Nick Fury, New 616 Nick Fury, and Movie Nick Fury. Could make for an entertaining origins movie -- Captain America meets James Bond meets Men in Black (in terms of secret government agency keeping the secret history of the world from the general public). You could see the Invaders and Howling Commandoes fight in WWII in the beginning; James Fury fighting Commies and their other-worldly allies in the 60s ((Agents of Atlas cameo???)); as well as incorporate some of Mark Millar's Ultimates ideas of Chitauri having influenced our darker government aspects post-WWII through decades of radio and TV sublimation ((which is SO John Carpenter's "They Live" that it's awesome!!)) -- I think the darker government influences and fearmongers could give rise to the "Secret Empire", which could be used in either a future Nick Fury or Cap movie...As well as have links to the yet-to-be-revelead neo-fascism of Maria Hill and the much more unabashed neo-fascism of Peter Henry Gyrich ((whom might be tied to Fox's X-Men universe exclusively -- but he's had enough appearances with the Avengers that it could maybe be swung...))

I love how the end of the Avengers has them loosely organized -- and that they will re-assemble on THEIR terms; not as puppets of SHIELD. SHIELD's leadership almost nuked New York. I want to see Nick Fury as a good man trying to steer SHIELD towards doing great things despite it's darker government edge.

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