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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

How about "The Ultimates" as a team name?

In the Ultimate universe, the Avengers are actually called "The Ultimates", and the "Avengers" are a black ops group more closely tied to SHIELD that go on assassination missions for Nick Fury.

Why not flip-flop the names. The MCU version could have "The Ultimates" as Nick Fury's personal team of masked vigilantes who do the dirty work that they (especially now that the Avengers have distanced themselves from direct SHIELD command) need done to pre-emptively stop future superhuman catastrophes.

Members: Blade (reacquired by Marvel), Punisher (likewise), War Machine (more pro-government than any of the other Avengers), and Hawkeye (he gets reeled back in despite his affiliation with Stark and Cap's Avengers).

Mission: To take out those who deal in stolen and bootlegged supersoldier serums, technology, and metahumans -- before they can be sold to rogue governments and warlords.

I think that the storyline of Tony Stark's estranged brother Gregory returning from off the grid to one-up Tony now that he is a famous superhero member of The Avengers -- by manipulating his secret extremist anti-war methods (in other words kill those first-world governements before they have a chance to wage war with Stark tech) within SHIELD; rising to its head directorship after framing Nick Fury.

By reuniting and getting his brother to trust him and turning Stark and Cap's Avengers against Nick Fury and further against SHIELD, he will get Fury ousted and on the run as a fugitive (replacing him with Agent Carol Danvers -- or mashing up 616 into it and explaining the rise of Maria Hill through this method) -- with Fury's only team to turn to being his "Ultimates".

If you read that run on Ultimate Comics, it's got phenominally great cinematic twists and turns. With Stark and Cap's team eventually figuring out Gregory Stark's agenda to make a private army of superheroes via SHIELD that will make peace in the world by carrying the BIGGEST stick of them all (access to superhumans). Meanwhile Thor, who as guardian of Earth, is truly anti-war -- sniffs out Gregory's fake peaceful sentiments first and realizes how dangerous he truly is... funding freedom fighters in Iran and North Korea... using war to prevent war... It is Thor that will ignore Tony's appeals to him to think of his own misguided brother; and hypocritically deem Gregory too dangerous to live.

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