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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Miss Marvel

I love this character but I have trouble seeing her in her own film.

Cap 3 Version
Carol Danvers is a SHIELD agent, recently transferred in from Air Force, she's assigned to liase with Captain America, they hit it off remarkably well. They're tasked with investigating Walter Lawson, who is suspected of being a double agent for an unknown organization. Turns out he's a spy with the Kree, (who turn out to be Thanos' elite guard). Lawson, now revealed to be Pluskommander Generis Halason Mahr Vehl has a change of heart, thanks to Cap's nobility and his affection for Danvers, even though hers is revealed to be pointed at Captain Rogers - and sacrifices himself protecting her from some meta-explosion which passes his powers to her. Cap finally faces off against something called Ronan, a vastly superior foe whom he defeats by turning his own weapon, and judgement against him.

SHIELD movie version
Carol Danvers is the new agent, formerly a SHIELD pilot, with an Air Force Intelligence background, brought in to replace Coulson. She is supposed to be Natasha's contact while she infiltrates New Hyrda, but ends up getting captured herself. She befriends the co-director of the operation, a Kree Pluscommander named Mahr Vehl. Though he is an antagonist for most of the film, he does experience a change of heart and sacrifices himself to save Carol from an explosion, giving her her powers. Then, she assists SHIELD in wrecking house on the Kree/Hyrda soldiers, while Natasha takes on MODOK or Super Adaptoid or Taskmaster or whoever.

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