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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation

I think a fun scene will be Clint and Steve hanging out at a bar. Like start the movie with a mission montage. I want the three of them to be a well oiled machine. Then we see Steve go home to his apartment. Big pile of junk mail, no pictures hanging up.very bleak. And all he does is sit by the phone waiting for the next mission.

Then pan out to Clint and Natasha spying on him from the building opposite. So Clint takes Steve out on hopes of cheering him up, getting him laid wherever.

So obviously Clint ends up having more fun since cap can't get drunk. Cap well mention how being out reminds him of Bucky. They leave, cap is helping Clint get in the car....then the camera changes so we see that they are being viewed through a sniper rifle and the shadowy figure touches his ear piece and asks "now" but the voice replies with "no, he must pay first"

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