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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
See, you *can* have Hulk regress and turn back into an uncontrolled, horribly dangerous monster. . .

. . . but the GA would not be kind to such, as it would come off as some kind of massive character regression. I stick to my guns: a Planet Hulk that doesn't remove the entire "super heroes exiling Hulk" aspect is a bad idea. The GA wants to see more Hulk, but they probably don't want to see Tony and Nick turned into borderline villains.
Maybe the GA would like to see them turned into borderline heroes? Again, the Hulk the GA loves almost killed BW and layed a beat down on Thor, not to mention attacking that poor pilot! Why wouldn't they continue to love him as the loose cannon he has always been. Traditional good and evil is boring. Shades of grey create drama, intrigue and mystery.

"The GA wont support IM because he a 'B' hero", "The GA will never believe the fantasy elements of Thor in the MCU", "The GA wont buy the Human Torch playing Captain America", "The GA wont pay to see aliens in The Avengers", "The GA wont pay to see ANOTHER Hulk". These are all arguments I have heard before. You and others don't have a real high opinion of the GA and the reality is, it's not the GA that can't accept it, it is fans like yourself. The GA ate up all the fantasy and scifi elements, INCLUDING hero fights, and went back for more.

It always surprises me that fans of a genre that embraces the incredible, celebrates the fantastic and regularly pushes the envelope of imagination can be so limited in what is acceptable in film.

Personally, being part of the GA, I love to see heroes go at it and test each other. It is one of the great things of having an integrated universe and it was one of the more enjoyable aspects of The Avengers.

The Hulk is at his best when he is an agent of destruction and a catalyst for chaos. It is a strength of the character that despite being an unpredictable force of nature and despite being hated and feared, in his heart he is still a hero. It is the tragic and beautiful core of the character and it is what sets him apart from every other hero that came before him.

Personally I have no desire to see Hulk restrained by the yolk of Banner's intelligence and control. Give me the primal, cunning and dangerous Hulk anyday. If I want a happy Hulk that everybody loves I'll watch Marvel Superhero Squad.

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