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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Spider-Man: Honestly, I have almost no problem of seeing the Raimi movies being set in the MCU. Just ignore a few things (cough-dancing-cough) that was far too out of left field, Raimi's tone is very similar to the MCU films. Probably because the success of SM1 influenced IM1 and TIH, the first two MCU films, in my opinion. Just have him not be on Fury's radar because he thinks Parker's too immature.

However, if you want to redo him for the MCU, I'd say give him the Ultimate Comics context (high school smartass who is too young for The Avengers and therefore Fury's always keeping tabs on him and trying to keep him out of costume, which causes Peter to dislike Fury as an authority figure), but with more of the regular Spidey's personality and rogue's gallery.

That's how I'd go about that.
The main challenge to incorporating the Raimi films straight, is that while they totally fit in tone, its hard to see the actual *events* not drawing SHIELD's attention. Particularly the first one, seeing as it involves a super soldier research program that gets hijacked.

It *would* help explain why no one ever broke Peter Parker's identity, though ( Coulson: "Okay, someone just uploaded his picture to the web. Zap that." ).

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