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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

I've hinted at this earlier, but here's a bigger expansion:

THE KINGPIN: Not every evil threatens entire cities, and even as the world has become more fantastic every day, there are still some who do not look towards outright and overt domination, but rather aim to rule from behind the scenes: for profit, for prestige, for political power. They are the men pulling the strings. Because although there are now supercriminals, crime itself hasn't changed much. Wilson Fisk is a man who has realized this, and who has become the "Kingpin" of New York City crime.
This "Kingpin" is a near legendary figure, often working through middlemen, to the point where many, including the NYPD, believe the "Kingpin" to be a urban legend, a moniker held by various organized crime figures. Only a very few suspect that this "Kingpin" is not only real but actually Wilson Fisk, a rich businessman and philanthropist who helped finance the rebuilding of Harlem after the battle between the Hulk and Abomination and providing scholarships to at-risk youth.
However, the rise of superheroes has begun to put a hit on the Kingpin's business, and two in particular are increasingly becoming a thorn in the side of his operations: Spider-Man (who seemingly is just running into the Kingpin's operations) and Daredevil (who appears to be going out of his way to stop them). Something, Fisk knows, must be done with these two interlopers...

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