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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Thanks. So glad you guys like the idea. To flesh it out a little further, and to further make the choice hard I would also include in the cast his friends from the apartment when he was dating Bernie Rosenthal, Josh Cooper, Mike Farrell, and Anna Kapplehaum as part of his civilian life as Steve Rogers. And I would include Sharon Carter and Agent Samuel Wilson. Give him a good supporting cast of friends in both lives.
And I wouldn't have Steve actually dating both, I don't see him doing that. He would hold off until he made a choice and then date one of them.
Maybe include a cameo by RDJ as Tony Stark who could joke about how Cap could date them both, to Cap's shock. Or maybe include Hawkeye in the film as a SHIELD agent Cap is friends with from the Avengers, maybe.

And then there would be the major story arc of the villain taking over New York or whatever. Baron Zemo or something.

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