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Default Re: The Avengers casting thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
So you can say what 'will work' but no one can say what 'won't work.' Yeah... not for real. TA was jam packed, you can't just add 3 people in there and everything be "just fine." Where would their screentime come from?

Some of this Ant-Man "logic" is actually a bit silly. Wasp and Ant-Man aren't attached at the hip. They aren't any more a package deal than IM and War Machine. And making an Ant-Man movie and not putting him into Avengers makes perfect sense in this context, where Ant-Man isn't available and isn't needed. But something compels Ant-Man fans to state he is an absolute necessity, and that his concept is inherently captivating to all, despite clear evidence to the contrary. It's a strange sort of entitlement that seems proclaims itself as logic. Certainly you aren't the only one doing this, but since you brought it up as something no one has place to question, I just wanted to point out how very questionable it is.

And Marvel does want to do Ant-Man... as a standalone thing. As you said, they'll find a way to make it work, despite the naysayers, as well meaning as they may be.

There's no "entitlement" (yay, more "dick quotes") involved here from fanboys.....and the whole notion of Ant-Man "fanboys" (yay, more) still makes me laugh my ass off. There ARE no Ant-Man fanboys. Never have been, at least until they started talking about a solo movie. Hank is a *member* of a *team.* First and foremost. Yeah, you can nitpick and say "technically, 'Astonishing Tales' yadda yadda and a few limited edition miniseries like 'Irredeemable' yadda yadda, but those represent only the tiniest fraction of Hank Pym's career, which otherwise is spent 99% on a team called Avengers....whether as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket or whoever the hell else.

People keep talking about Ant-Man as an Avenger because he is a goddamn Avenger. Founder. Core Avenger. Mainstay. In 616, Ultimates, any damn version you want. So when Marvel Studios says "Avengers film" and "Ant-Man film," anyone who's read AT LEAST ONE ISSUE of Avengers knows damn well that they go together like peaches 'n' cream.

If Edgar Wright doesn't know this, or doesn't understand this, or wants to live in denial of this, then he's barking up the wrong tree. Feige knows damn well who Pym is, and that he belongs in The Avengers. That's why he's been pressuring Wright in interviews the past few weeks.

And all of that may blow up soon, if Feige isn't happy with how fast Wright is moving on the project, or if he thinks the project isn't going to dovetail into the MCU the way he wants it to. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear one of three things in the next couple of months:

a) Edgar Wright has left Ant-Man, because the studio is interfering with *his* vision of the character;
b) Edgar Wright has been fired by Marvel Studios, because his vision of the character is interfering with theirs;
or c) Marvel Studios has lit a fire under Edgar's ass, and Ant-Man will begin filming this fall.


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