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Default Re: Avengers Merchandise - Part 1

Originally Posted by lespaul59 View Post
I picked up a red Avengers shirt at Wal Mart with all six and the Shield logo on it for $7.50. I'll try to post a picture soon. The funny thing about the shirt is that the Black Widow picture on it is from Iron Man 2 and not Avengers. I also picked up Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heros Vol. 1 which comes with a ticket to TA.
The shirt acutally has Hawkeye on it? What sizes does it come in? All the ones I saw were for kids. lol.

I picked up Iron Man 1994 TV series as well as Fantastic Four 1994 TV series. Both came with Avengers tickets. I guess that means two more showings for me. (all the X-Men DVDs from 1994ish come with tickets too.. there's 5 volumes of those, I believe - but I already owned them).

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