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Default Re: The Avengers casting thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
You establish precedent, and use that as the only reason something should happen. That, my friend is entitlement, no quotation marks. (Also note, I stopped doing that once it was pointed out to me.) Anyone who doesn't see it your way (Wright) is ignorant or in denial, they can't possibly see it differently, the can't possibly have preferred the hundreds of Avengers stories where Ant-Man doesn't appear. They can't possibly have read those stories and thought they'd have been better without Ant-Man, or without the rest of the Avengers. That's entitlement.

And this idea that Feige is against it is just wishful thinking, perhaps projection. "He has to see things the way I see them." Entitlement? If you have links to any of these pressuring interviews, I'd love to see them, but you may need to accept that Feige and Marvel Studios are behind this non-MCU standalone Ant-Man. Or not. Perhaps you'll just be surprised that the Avengers will continue to go on without him, and Ant-Man will become able to support his own solo storyline for the first time in a long time.
Sure, it's possible. But highly unlikely. On several counts.

1) Because of the pressure to "authenticate" the Avengers by steering closer to comic-book canon.

2) Because Wright's version of the story has languished so long in development hell that it's become hopelessly outdated. When Wright first took on the project in 06, the Avengers Initiative in the MCU --- and, in fact, the MCU itself --- did not exist, not even on paper. Comic book films back then were still in the standalone business, and even the Avengers film originally was to be a standalone with no crossover plans....just a superteam movie to compete with the planned JLA movie from Warners (which, of course, never materialized). Since then, of course, the Avengers *have* crossed over, and the notion of standalone films has become outdated and unpopular in the MCU shared universe.

3) Because Ant-Man is highly unlikely to be a successful standalone franchise. To general audiences, it would be a curiosity at best, a thing of ridicule or parody at worst....they wouldn't even understand why the film was even made. Fanboys, of course, *would* understand why it was being made....and would be righteously indignant hurr-durr that Ant-Man isn't "properly" in the Avengers. As we've already seen.

It's a new era. Standalones don't make sense in the shared universe of the MCU anymore. And they make even *less* sense when you take a character who is noted for being part of a team and try to make him into a solo character --- who is no longer part of that team he's always been associated with. It's like Cyclops minus the X-Men. Beast Boy minus the Teen Titans. BA Baracus minus the A-Team. "Bones" McCoy minus the crew of the Enterprise.


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