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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Thanos will definitely make an appearance and have an effect, but... I don't think Thor 2 will revolve around him and his actions. I think Thor will revolve around Thor's personal development. He's already had the 'lost my father' storyline, for instance. Thanos will probably still be in the shadows, at a distance, somewhat mysterious to non-comics fans.
I don't see Thanos being the main villain in Thor 2...I just see him as a first-act plot catalyst. I think he *does* infiltrate the Treasury Room as I described above, and Thor begins an epic chase across the Nine Realms after him....but really, Thor doesn't even get close to seeing him again for this film. Maybe a glimpse of him again at the very ending, but otherwise, I see the bulk of the film being about the side-quests and cosmic encounters Thor has while he tracks his vanished quarry. Encounters that may or may not include Enchantress and Skurge, Surtur, Fenris, Ymir, Malekith, Hela, Karnilla and the like.


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