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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

I'd like to see Ultron and the Vision like many have said, but I think going in a less predictable direction is more exciting to discuss. I think introducing Dr. Henry Pym and Janet Pym as the two new scientists on board the SHIELD carrier who were responsible behind the "Phase II" weaponry. They're now studying the possibilities of cybernetics and Life Model Decoys with Stark and Banner. Eventually, Michael Korvac comes into the picture from an alternative universe and has absorbed some of the power from the Cosmic Cube, which is now in the possession of Thanos if he takes it at the end of Thor 2--which I hope he does. He comes to Earth to make it a utopia, unlike Loki he actually wants to rebuild by destroying and reshaping. They could also introduce Dr. Strange as someone who is more of a cross between Thor's godly power and Stark's science. And in the end, Korvac is defeated and killed by Thanos when he tries to retreat because Thanos is upset he tried to claim the galaxy for himself. This ends directly where The Avengers 3 can pick-up, Earth is in shambles, perfect time for Thanos to strike.

Just an idea.

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