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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Funny, but yesterday, I was in a Hulk mood (even had on a Hulk t-shirt) and mentioned to my girlfriend, that I wanted to watch TIH that evening. Then, her cousins and their littl girl decided to come over for dinner. They went to my disc collection...and without any prompting, what do you think they pulled out to watch? lol.
So we watched TIH after dinner. It was one of those, "lights out, sound up", kind of viewings, and I was surprised how much everyone was into it...even the little girl really liked it....and I did too. My opinion grows fonder, the more I see it. I think I may now put it alongside Avengers and Cap as my three favorite MU movies. Still not sure why people critisize it more than the others.

I just thought it was funny, how now, after Avengers, everyone has Hulk fever. I mean, just look at the topic of the most popular threads on these boards now.

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