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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

I think a pretty logical progression of the movies would be something like

Cap and Iron Man are pretty grounded movies, no cosmic influence but maybe some subtleties like AIM in Cap who it turns out is a sleeper cell organization who is given tech from another dimension, or something involving the Universal Church of Truth

Thor 2 is kinda the IM2 of "Phase 2" which has a big hand in setting up the events of Avengers 2

Thor 2:
Enchantress and Executioner stage a coup on Asgard to capture Loki and take him across the galaxy cause Thanos has put a huge bounty on his head. Thor begs her if there is any other way and she says if they go and get the Infinity Gem that controlls the dead. The gem is hidden deep inside the Nine Realms and they are going to have to use SWORD to help them find the location of it.
They go on the quest and find the stone, Enchantress uses the stone to raise an army of undead to take over the throne of Asgard, but Thor, Loki and co save the day etc.

Avengers 2:
Star-Lord or Adam Warlock come to Earth and their presence alerts SHIELD, they tell them that because of the events of Thor 2 the once thought of mythic Infinty Gems are now known to be a science instead of just a fable. The Mad-Titan Thanos is storming the galaxy, killing anything in his way to assemble the Gauntlet. The Avengers must go and find the rest of the infinity gems and guard them in Asgard, the best equipped place in the universe to battle a cosmic threat like Thanos, so the Avengers travel the galaxy and find the gems and guard them in Asgard to prepare for a huge war.

However Adam Warlock reveals himself to be a servant of the Lord Titan Thanos (clearly under mind control) and battles the avengers with sleeper cell members of the Universal church of truth. A lone spaceship lands in Asgard and Thanos walks out, revealed in full for the first time--Warlock hands him the Gauntlet, Thanos grins and blasts Warlock with a load of energy saying your services will no longer be needed.

The Avengers are noticabley terrified and they actually flee as Asgard crumbles around them with the flick of Thanos wrist. Odin tells them that he is going to use all the power he can summon and get the Avengers back to Earth....they are the universes last hope, he tells them with the Bifrost still broken it will keep Thanos in Asgard for the time being. He sends Adam Warlock too, then Odin implodes with a white light and all the Avengers appear on Earth, Odin is presumed dead so Thor is broken up. Loki says something like "The All-Father could have sent Thanos and Asgard into the could be years before he comes out." Fury "we'll have to be ready when he does."

there is some brief closer and then credits.

post-credits teaser: Thor goes to kill Warlock when Star-Lord appears and says Warlock is the only chance we have at stopping Thanos

Gaurdians of the Galaxy: kind of a prequel to the events that lead up to Avengers 2, shows the relationship between Thanos and Warlock a little bit....Thanos isn't overtly a bad guy in this, more like Loki in Thor 1

A3: Opening scene is Thanos meeting death as a woman. and then it's basically about the infinity gauntlet and avengers being the only ones who can stop them. Maybe some self sacrficie by Loki who knows

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