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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

I would use female Ultron in the sequel (EDI from Mass Effect 3 inspired me). I don't think she needs to be a threat from solely a physical point of view but a psychological one as well. A female would be better equipped to get inside the heads of our male dominated superhero roster, providing a more sensual dynamic by being both a competent and seductive adversary for the Avengers. Example, Hank and Janet could be driven apart from one another with Hank's obsession with Ultron. Stark could try to replace Jarvis with the upgraded software because he thinks it has more sex appeal than Paul Bettany. Banner could use Ultron as a secondary psychologist to cope with his mental instability. Thor could explore man's relationship with technology as see how the two are connected, although regular Ultron would suffice for a lot of that.

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