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Default Re: Avengers Merchandise - Part 1

Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
The shirt acutally has Hawkeye on it? What sizes does it come in? All the ones I saw were for kids. lol.

I picked up Iron Man 1994 TV series as well as Fantastic Four 1994 TV series. Both came with Avengers tickets. I guess that means two more showings for me. (all the X-Men DVDs from 1994ish come with tickets too.. there's 5 volumes of those, I believe - but I already owned them).

This shirt is a 2X and I think they may have had a 3X but I'm not sure. I've only seen this shirt, a blue shirt with a white A on a red back ground and the red shirt with the white A at Target.

I haven't seen the Fantastic Four or X-Men cartoons with the tickets. I was also gonna pickup Avengers: EMH volume 2 but I've only seen volumes 1 and 4. So I might go ahead and just get volume 4 but I've also been thinking about picking up the 1994 IM tv series.

I wanted to get either the Hulk or Cap in the 4" figures but man after seeing the Hulk in the movie does the 4" figure look bad. Then I was like well I'll just get Cap. But all of the Cap figures I looked at had bad paint apps on the face. So I figured I would just hit Wal Mart to see what they had mainly hoping they would have the 6" figures. No luck on the 6" figures but they did have two Avenger figure(both concept series I think) and 8 pegs of the old Cap and Thor movie figures at full price. I just hope the Cap and Thor figures doesn't hurt Avengers figures being stocked.

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