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Default Re: What role did TDK play in Obama's win?

Actually, I do think TDK changed our awareness (at least, my awareness) of what a Post-Bush Era could've been like, and what a Post-9/11 World already was. There was a lot of deceit and treachery going on in the movie and in the world (it still is today), and I'd say TDK might be the first big summer movie that actually metaphorically showed how a society can be built on lies and corruption, and how it can get someone to be portrayed as a hero when the opposite is the case. It might even be the biggest example in summer films, period.

The sort of "gray areas" of the Joker, how I sort of "related" to his stance during the interrogation scene, actually had me wondering if The Joker is right. That's scary, but it's also the mark of fabulous writing. If a writer can actually make you see The Joker's point (of all people), there's amazing talent involved.

Don't get me started on the cell phone hacking device.

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