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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by Evil Twin View Post
No, I have a good handle on what a director actually does.
I apologize. I actually wasn't trying to infer that you yourself didn't know. Just saying why - as a general rule - people might not judge a director by his films.
He's the one on set that has a say in blocking, shot composition, and working with actors. Yeah, not every director is a visionary auteur with final cut, but most good directors are going to have an effect on a movie in some way. If they're nothing but a malleable toady, of course the movie is going to be a mess. If they have potential, it will come out in individual scenes or performances which can be pointed to. If it hasn't come out at all in 2 previous films, which for all we know the director had significant control over, why should it come out in a third film?

And perhaps he has shown some signs, I haven't seen those films. The reviews aren't reassuring though.
No offense, but if you haven't seen them, then you're really in the same boat as I. And personally, until I actually see otherwise, this guy's a clean slate in my book. He has as just chance to make a good movie as he does bad.
And, frankly, I think KA2 needs a director with some spine and vision because it could go wrong in a great many ways. Matthew Vaughn long-distance director isn't going to work. The director has to have some sense of tone and be able to work with the actors on set if there's any hope for the project.
I don't really know if the director will have to do all that much. The tone's already been set, Mark Millar will be involved for creative assistance...all you really need to do is follow the first film's blueprint.

Not that I'm saying a monkey could do it or anything, but it's hardly like he's making Lawrence of Arabia here.

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