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Default Re: Avengers Merchandise - Part 1

Originally Posted by BrollySupersj View Post
Here's a map someone at TheFwoosh is updating as more people find them. When a state has a symbol on it, the figures have been sighted there.

How did you go about doing this? I'm thinking of calling, but I've never done it before. Who do I ask for and such?
It's 100% who you get on the phone that will determine how much help you get. When i called I asked for the toy department and I asked them if I gave them a UPC would they be able to tell me if they have that item in stock. The guy looked it up for me and said they didn't have it and he checked a 30 mile radius of walmarts who also didn't have it. I asked for the product number because that's the number specific to walmart and it is usually easier and quicker to look it up that way. I hope that helps.

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