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Default Re: The Avengers casting thread

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I cut out most of my reply cuz it's off topic. We're having this same debate on different levels in different threads.

Long story short. It makes money. It entertains. Just because it's not classic Avengers doesn't mean it doesn't make sense, bro. The audience doesn't associate Ant-Man with Avengers, so they will still think he's just was silly in a team setting, and that the whole movie is better off without him. You'd be doing a horrible disservice to the character. You're thinking comics continuity is supreme, and it's just not. You're dedicated to it, you see it, and talk about it as reality, like anyone who disagrees must be ignorant, not disagreeing about it's importance and relevance, but I just don't "get it" because I don't agree with you. There must be something wrong with my comprehension. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
I don't worship comics continuity, and I don't think anyone who disagrees with continuity is ignorant, nor am I opposed to the film universe trying something different than the comic universe. But I think there's different levels of "nerdrage" --- I sure as hell don't get bent out of shape over minor things ("omg they used the wrong shade of mauve on MegaPerson's leotard! "), but I'm afraid I have to take issue with turning a team character into a solo character, and potentially even *separating* him from the team he has always belonged to. That seems like a major change to the character's identity, don't you think?

I think the problem comes in the way people perceive what the Avengers mean as a franchise. The Avengers *movie* franchise seems to treat the team as a sort of All-Star team, or Olympic Dream Team --- a crossover of different heroes coming together for something special every few years or so, then quietly going back to their own lives in the times in-between. The comic-book Avengers is not like that at's simply another Marvel title. Monthly subscription, same as Spider-Man or Hulk or Wolverine or X-Men. And as such, there are a whole bunch of Avengers who are associated *primarily* with that title ("exclusively" might be a better descriptor). Those characters would include Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, Scott Lang, Wonder Man, Vision, Jocasta, Hawkeye, Tigra, Mockingbird, Doctor Druid, Echo, and Firebird.


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