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Default Re: The Avengers casting thread

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
That's what it is. It *is* an All-Star team. When something runs for decades and decades it will naturally morph into something else. But the core concept of the Avengers is that it's an All-Star team, and when you've only got like three movies you can stick to that concept without it getting stale. The same is not the case when you have a monthly series that runs for years.
No, Avengers *isn't* an All-Star team. It certainly wasn't in the comics, and it's hard to call it that even in the MCU, where only Tony and Cap could be considered "all-stars" known by the general public prior to the Avengers Assemblin'.

DC did the JLA up like an all-star team. But Marvel didn't quite follow in those footsteps, choosing instead to make a *bunch* of superteams --- Avengers, X-Men, Defenders, Great Lakes Avengers, Thunderbolts, Runaways, Fantastic Four, Midnight Sons, Invaders, Heroes for Hire, Eternals, Inhumans, Nova Corps, Guardians of the Galaxy, New Warriors, and a seemingly infinite number of X-Men spinoffs. Sooner or later, every hero (and villain) got a chance to get a membership card in one or more of those groups. Yeah, Avengers proper was probably the most prestigious club you could belong to, but they had *plenty* of no-names on the roster, and plenty of *big* names that never joined at all (or at least in anything more than an honorary "Avenger for a Day" role).

I also disagree with you and others about the shelf life of the Avengers as a movie franchise. You seem to think that the whole genre is going to go belly-up in about a decade, so Marvel needs to just cram everything in to some quick wham-bam-thankya-ma'am trilogies and be done with it. But you only need to look at film history *and* comic book history to see that these characters have LONG-lasting appeal....their lives are measured in decades, not years.

Doesn't anybody think long-term anymore....?


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