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Default Re: The Avengers casting thread

For Marvel Studios, the Avengers is an *all star* team movie.

Sure it may not be that way in the comics, nor is it the reason how it started, however it was a minor change in adaptation from pages to screen in which I don't find it hurting or benefiting the comics, nor was it disrespectful.

Cap, Thor, and Iron Man are the *all stars* of the MCU because they're really the only heroes who have movies outside of Avengers that are ownd by Marvel Studios; Avengers came and now opened up a door for more heroes to have solo movies or appear in future Avengers movies as team members. There's nothing wrong with that.

It's an *all star* team for the moment simply because Marvel Studios doesn't own the film copyright for Marvel Comics' other more popular team properties. With that said, I can see Marvel Studios pursuing other team flicks, but Avengers is their *all star* team property for the moment. It's the business part of copyrights minorly affecting the movies.

I do agree that there is no limit for the Avengers franchise; maybe some actors over time, but that's it really.

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