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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by Backstreets View Post
People just want to see the Hulk smash stuff. This is why the Hulk worked so well in the Avengers, He's best as a supporting character and it was great that he stopped trying to cure himself like in the other 2 films.

The TV show Hulk...let's stop BS sucked. it was the same episode every time which went like this....

Banner goes into town
Banner finds trouble
Banner gets knocked down
Banner turns into the Hulk
Hulk flexes same pose at least twice
Hulk throws bad man
Hulk runs off
Banner leaves town

Rinse and repeat
I agree that show sucked, but my hate comes from the fact it fostered the idea of a mute Hulk with zero personality who has no motivations or emotions for what he does. It was suddenly a rule that Banner gets 99.999999% of the character development and Hulk got what was left over...maybe.

That "Hulk runs off" stuff made me crazy too. Maybe the Avengers will finally get the idea into the public consciousness that he is supposed to leap great distances. People were actually asking why the Hulk was "flying" in Ang Lee's movie.

As much as people loved the Hulk in The Avengers, that version still won't work in a solo film. He's still a mute character that is never developed. Try that without a bunch of interesting characters surrounding him and the audience will go right back to being bored. I can hear it now... "He was better in The Avengers". That's because Stark, Cap, and Thor aren't there giving us someone to care about. We'll get another movie about Banner's issues and once again the Hulk will show up occasionally to smash stuff before making a quick exit so we can get back to being bored by Banner. You'll be sitting there hoping against hope that RDJ will make a guest appearance.

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