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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by Tanin View Post
I say make it Maria Hill, there is no real reason it HAS to be Sharon Carter.
Other than for the Peggy connection. Back in comic book days, it was only 20 years since the end of WWII instead of 70, so Peggy still featured very much as a character and even a love interest for 1960s Cap....albeit a May-December romance. Steve actually had to hide his relationship with Sharon from Peggy --- pretty sure he was bangin' Auntie *and* her niece.

Of course, with 70 years separating them now, that's too wide a gulf for Peggy to even be considered anymore. Still, there's some sort of psychological attachment Steve has to her through the (grand-)niece, so there's that aspect of it.

But since other people have already mentioned that Steve hooks up with Black Widow in Ultimates, and MCU shows a lotta love for Ultimates, I wouldn't be surprised to see that relationship develop in the future. Especially if it turns out that Scarjo will show up in CA2. And it'd create a triangle between her, Cap and Hawkeye, that could add a lot of drama.


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