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Default Re: What role did TDK play in Obama's win?

Not much I guess!
But I think Obama is a Superman's fan instead.
And speaking of Obama I saw him today on a myth buster's episode and since it was on a French channel "Z telé" I guess the original episode must have been aired quite some time ago.
They were rechecking on that Archimedes myth that he supposedly put fire on some enemies’ navy war boats with mirrors back in the days.
And eventually that myth failed again for the second time.

I guess president Obama really believed in that myth...
But! ! !
Wait a second there!.. I might no be the biggest myth buster fan out there even though I went to meet them a month ago when they came to Montréal and i missed them by a day
But sometimes I noticed they might make little mistakes in testing those myths.

And perhaps there's hope for president Obama yet in believing in that Archimedes myth.
Because I remember when I was a little kid back in my native country
I used to put fire on papers, burn little insect and even burn little spot on my hands just to see how it feels.
But it wasn't exactly with a mirror but rather with a magnifier.

So I guess the myth will work with some huge magnifiers and it wouldn’t even take a lot of them maybe only one will be enough.
I think perhaps the historians described the things as beings mirrors when in fact it was magnifiers.

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