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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post

Hathaway had it to a certain degree, with regards to her measurements for Catwoman. Hathaway's attractiveness wasn't debated though.

But seriously, with women like Marion Cotillard, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone etc cast in these films, it's pretty obvious why there's no debate in the other threads.

Most are perfect casting for their respective roles and eye candy at the same time. It's actually a refreshing trend, since the vast majority of female roles were horribly miscast in the superhero films of earlier years.

Adams is a more controversial and out of the box choice for Lois Lane, so it's understandable why there's some head scratching.

However, I doubt there's anything her casting could do to affect MoS' performance in a negative light. Especially, if Maggie Gylenhaal was the love interest in TDK, and despite that it still made a billion WW.

In the big picture, she's really a moot point. It's really going to come down to Cavill and Shannon to sell this thing. The rest are supporting.
Granted everyone is entitled to their opinions and that I do agree that Amy wasn’t the actress that everyone had in mind when Snyder and crew were looking for someone to play the role, it’s how people have handled themselves regarding the issue that has troubled me. Yes, she’s a bit older than Cavil, and yes she’s likely to have been someone who some would have associated with a character like Lana Lang due to some of the characters (pre-fighter) that she’s been associated well with in having portrayed, along with her hair color, etc; but I’ve seen more than enough posts have just targeted her for her looks in such a defamatory way.

I mean seriously, while we may all have different perceptions on what and who we consider attractive, do we need to constantly take up sever posts and space going over the same thing over and over again, let alone the fact that there are dozens of folks that I know who would say that Amy is attractive in their opinion.

Plus, a lot of people think that the GA’s familiarity with her and the recognition that she’s received as a actress will help sell the film, and I honestly do believe that as well.

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