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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

I dunno about all that.

I liked the backbone Cap displayed in this ..... very worthy of being a "Captain". He was already apprehensive about Stark's persona to begin with so everything Stark was doing was testing his patience. Keep in mind also that Loki's staff had a hand in the heightening of the friction.
I like the backbone he displayed, when he was displaying backbone.

Backbone, in terms of being a leader, is standing up for whats morally right and whats best for the team and the mission. Telling someone off just because you can...especially when that person's actions aren't actually affecting anything...isn't an appropriate move for a leader.

Leaders shouldn't pick fights. Or allow them to continue. They should most certainly try to diffuse the situation without violence.

The main problem I have with it is that this is Rogers' first impulse. To resolve the issue with violence. He never even tries to really talk to Stark, to find any common ground. The scene works because of the actors, but it just feels like a somewhat forced way to create drama between them.

If that moment was caused by Loki's spear...I could see that, but if that's the case, it wasn't well handled or shown.

No he doesn't. Stark wasn't exactly being nice to Steve when he was talking about Loki (calling him a capsicle, fighting Thor without a plan, etc.). He seems like someone who thinks Stark is a jerk and isn't helping the situation. In Cap's defense, he wasn't. Cap got on Stark for testing Banner, which shows more Cap's worry for the safety of everyone (which is further seen by his regard for civilian life when the others were ignoring that aspect of the invasion).
Stark essentially helped Captain America defeat Loki. He may have saved Rogers' life. Whatever his methods, whatever teasing her may have done, Stark got results. Stark went after Thor, but this didn't really affect their mission. Thor taking Loki did. Stark just didn't listen to Cap about going after Thor.

By the time Captain America admonishes him, Stark was helping. He was obviously assisting Banner in finding the cube. He was also working on finding what Fury was hiding from everyone else.

And it's a moot point, because Captain America thinking Stark was a jerk doesn't mean its okay for him to be a jerk, too.

Rogers defending Banner and telling Stark to knock it off would have been fine. But Rogers then takes it farther.

I'm with you on this, Stark was being an ass for most of the movie and it must've taken alot of restraint from Cap not to lay his ass out.
I don't have a whole lot of respect for Captain America when he can't ignore a few jokes.

The way I see the quarrel between Rogers and Stark is that, Rogers saw the way Stark was provoking Banner and since he hates bullies (see CA:TFA), he decided to take a stand and fight for the "little guys", so to speak. He saw Stark as a bully and he wanted to take him down a notch, just like he once did as a 95-lb weakling, that's why he repeatedly told Stark to "suit up" so he could teach him a lesson. Although I don't really think Stark was being a bully, I think Rogers' response was appropriate given his personality, and I'm glad that he wanted to take a stand against aggressors. This reflects the way that he confronted Loki in Germany, as well.
Except that, as has been pointed out, Banner didn't need him to fight for him. Banner was fine. Rogers response essentially made he himself look like a bully by the end of it.

Captain America's comments about Stark pretending to be a hero ring false (because given his past actions, Stark clearly isn't just pretending) as do Stark's about Captain America. They're both out of line there, but Rogers was out of line first.

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